SharePoint List Viewer

Launch Date 1st April 2013

"It's not what you think, It's More Than You Think"

CairoCodes SharePoint List Viewer "CCSPListViewer" is a magical webpart built to facilitate our devlopment effort and time.

The following are the key features of "CCSPListViewer"

    • What you need to know is "HTML" only to use "CCSPListViewer"
    • Design your DataViews with only "HTML" no more "XML" or "XSL"
    • Read any data from any SharePoint list or library in any website in the site collection
    • End User Filter supported out of the box
      • Textbox, Dropdown, listbox and all avilable HTML controls, no restrictions
    • Grouping supported out of the box
    • Javascript, jQuery, jQueryUI, KendoUI, jQwidgets and all available javascript frameworks are supported
    • No C# code, No development, no building, no deployments

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