SharePoint Document Management

Managing your content and information through a structured platform

Everyone struggles with the volume of content organisations produce. Documents, emails, instant-messages, databases, videos, web pages and more are created on a daily basis. This information is often stored in a plethora of places including file servers, employee hard drives and USB sticks. This typically leads to inefficiencies, with people struggling to find the information they need and rework when the wrong version of content is worked on. Storing content in a structured way on a manageable platform will save your employees time in searching for and working on content as well as ensuring legal compliance for formal documentation therefore avoiding expensive litigation scenarios.

Building a robust Document Management solution on SharePoint technology

SharePoint is an industry leader in Enterprise Content Management and can provide you with the tools to ensure people can comply with regulation, find the information they need quickly and ensure what they are working on is the single version of the truth. SharePoint includes many features for document management including:

  • Powerful taxonomy and tagging systems
  • A single drop off point for all documents
  • Full enterprise search features to search across all your content sources both inside and outside of SharePoint
  • Records management capabilities
  • Integration with office applications including Word and Excel as well is in browser office web apps
  • The ability to surface and manage content from other content sources and applications

Helping you Build a Document Management System that your users will love

Building a robust and usable document management solution requires a broad set of skills and expertise as well as a strong strategy and plan. Our project teams can deliver a full SharePoint document management system for you or provide you with the retained expertise and advice that you will need to create your own. Typically engagements of this type include:

  • Understanding your business and user requirements and how they map to SharePoint as a platform
  • Designing and building a robust information architecture
  • Configuring customising and developing SharePoint to meet your needs
  • Building migration and governance strategies to ensure the end solution is scalable and maintainable
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