SharePoint Branding & Visual Design

Design and branding is a key element in any SharePoint implementation. CairoCodes SharePoint experts have extensive experience in applying visual designs to SharePoint that range from "Boilerplate" to "Out of the Box." We regularly develop a variety of SharePoint environments including: Public Websites, Extranets, Intranets and Custom Applications. In each case, there is a specific business need that sets the level of customization - essentially the level of form over function.

Make It Yours

Many organizations request a customized look & feel in order to convey the style and branding of their organization via their SharePoint portal.

CairoCodes understands the value that companies place in their brand. That, and understanding the complexities and uniqueness of SharePoint branding and development, helps to make us experts in this small field. 

We work very closely with our clients to develop a strong visual design for their SharePoint projects and are completely comfortable to work with their in-house or outsourced designers, or provide the visual designs ourselves. In all cases, CairoCodes will confer with the appropriate staff, review style guidelines and provide Master Page design concepts for your review that match your requirements as well as adhere to the functionality of SharePoint.

It's a Joint Venture

Your feedback will be incorporated in the design process and revisions will be made by our in-house designers and developers as we progress through the project. Once the design is approved, CairoCodes will test the designs in our SharePoint environment before migrating them to yours. CairoCodes will work with you to create a custom look and feel for your SharePoint environment.

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