SharePoint Internet Websites

Building online customer experiences with SharePoint

An enterprise website is the primary online representation of your organization and with the explosion of the internet and growing focus on digital marketing, you need to ensure yours stands out from the crowd.

Delivering an engaging, feature rich, and optimised website that focuses on user experience, will significantly enhance your brand, create customer interest and ultimately help your business grow to the top line. In the expanded ecosystem of multiple digital channels, getting a handle on marketing measurement optimization is also imperative not only to drive returns but also to drive success across mobile, social and web.

SharePoint as a public facing application delivery platform

As websites become more focused around providing end users with tools, software, services and interactivity, SharePoint’s vast array of out of the box features prove more and more useful. Many organizations are looking to expand their ‘brochure-ware presence’ and provide site visitors with more value thorough interactive services that deepen the user experience, resulting in an action being taken. SharePoint’s ability to deliver social features, including user profiles, blogs, wikis and discussions boards, is a good example of how an organization can quickly build their own online community and provide end users with a richness of information that strengthens both customer relationships and their brand.

Building your online business

Building successful online customer experiences requires a combination of skills and experience that bridge both digital marketing and technical know-how.
CairoCodes’ team of strategists, information architects, user experience designers and technical engineers can help you build your business online and take full advantage of the digital marketing channels using powerful technology form Microsoft.

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