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Our job is very simple, Analyze & model your business and processes, Transform your manual processes to be an automated & digital processes, Train employess, confirm the proposed ROI

Smart Forms

Infinity & ZASOUL have a smart forms component which allows the implementer to easily design business forms [Once] and run them every where, any browser, Mobile App, Internal or external portals

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Smart Routing

Process Automation requires a smart routing engine, to assign business tasks to human and systems, Infinity & ZASOUL have a very smart Workflow Engine with a lot of readymade activities and you can extend them with your own custom activities

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Smart Integration

Integration is a key feature within any enterprise, Integration needed with internal modern and legacy systems, needed with external systems & partners. Infinity & ZASOUL have a wide range of integration mechanisms & adapters

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Smart Dashboard

In the realtime you can monitor all your business using 360 degree dashboard view, You can monitor the business performance based on different levels, Divisions, Departments, Temas, Employees

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Smart Access

Accessing business functionallities is a big challengs, Enterprises need internal access for their employees, External access for their partners throught extranets, External access for their clients throught internet portal, Fortunatelly Infinity & ZASOUL have thier out-of-the-box Identity Management Engine and Claims based authentication & authroization system

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Smart Reporting

Reports is a valuable part of any business solution, Infinity is completely integrated with Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Reporting Services. ZASOUL is completely integrated with Microsoft Reporting Services, so... you can build unlimited reports based on your needs

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